Satish Faugoo: “Such issues should be resolved at political level… rather than through the Courts”

As Your Honour and my learned friend for Plaintiff (Rezistance ek Alternativ) are aware, Government has, after carefully study and reflection over several months published on 24 March 2014, a Consultation Paper entitled “Renewing Democracy-Electoral Reform, Modernizing the “Electoral System”, which sets out the outline of Government’s proposals for the reform of the electoral system in Mauritius, including the Best Loser System. Your Honour, I beg leave to file a copy of the Consultation Paper for the record.

The Consultation Paper was posted on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office and interested parties were invited to submit their suggestions or comments to the Prime Minister’s Office by 5 May 2014. Your Honour, as at 5 May 2014, the Prime Minister’s Office has received no less than 171 representations from individuals, political parties and other institution.

Your Honour, the Government is pressing ahead with the analysis of voluminous submission made to it in response to the Consultation Paper. This is work in progress. Government is minded to muster the widest support possible to achieve wide consensus in view of the deep rooted implication and significance of the reform.

Your Honour, although it appears that there is a broad consensus on three important points, Firstly on the replacement of the present system of allocating additional seats by some other system which reflects the plurality and diversity of the Mauritian Nation in the National Assembly, Secondly, on the removal of the concomitant mandatory requirement for every candidate to declare his community, and Thirdly, on the wider and fairer representation of women, There is as yet no consensus on all elements of the electoral and constitutional reform proposed by government and its modalities.

Your honour, on behalf of the Government, I would therefore wish to inform the Court and Plaintiff that once the consultation process is over and a general consensus is reached on the proposed electoral reform, Government intends, before the next general elections, to introduce a bill on electoral reform which will ensure broad based community representation whilst subsuming the actual Best Loser System and the removal of any requirement for a candidate to declare his community. These provisions will be proposed as part of the electoral and constitutional reform in a holistic manner.

However, Your Honour, I need hardly emphasize that any Bill to alter the First Schedule of the Constitution will have to be supported by the votes of not less than three quarters of all members of the National Assembly.

Your Honour, Government also takes the view that any electoral reform should be undertaken, not in a piecemeal manner, but in a holistic and balanced manner, bearing in mind the existing safeguards in our Constitution for the sake of the continuing political stability and the consolidating of democracy in Mauritius to which Government is unreservedly committed.

Your Honour, Government therefore wishes to reiterate its strong view that such issues should be resolved at political level and that any reform of the electoral system should be decided as a result of political debate and constitutional reform rather than through the Courts.

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