The Dalai Lama today said it is ‘impossible’ for all refugees to come to Europe as he called a ‘practical’ and ‘moral’ response to the Syrian crisis

The Dalai Lama today said it is ‘impossible’ for all refugees to come to Europe as he called a ‘practical’ and ‘moral’ response to the Syrian crisis.

But the spiritual leader said that countries like Britain must put aside their own interests to help the displaced people left ‘crying, starving and asking for help’.

His Holiness was speaking at Magdalen College in Oxford today at the start of a nine-day visit to the UK. The Dalai Lama, pictured in Oxford today, said it was ‘impossible’ for all migrants to come to Europe but said Western leaders have a ‘moral’ responsibility to help those caught up in the crisis

Thousands of migrants are arriving in Europe every day with a record 5,809 entering Hungary in a new surge on Sunday, smashing the previous day’s record of 4,330.

Germany, Austria and Slovakia say they have been forced to introduce new border controls to manage the flow of people.

Hungary is also building a controversial 13ft fence all along its 110-mile border with Serbia.

When asked about the large influx of refugees crossing the Mediterranean to get to Western Europe from countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Dalai Lama said: ‘I think Germany and Austria have had a very good response.

‘This country (the UK) is also now showing the seriousness of what we have to do – wonderful.

‘But we have to think. It’s impossible for everyone to come to Europe.

‘Ultimately we have to think about how reduce the killing in their countries. And we have to reduce the use of force. The use of force never solved these problems.’

The Dalai Lama said: ‘Taking in a few thousand refugees is wonderful but in the meantime you have to think about a long term solution too – through development and education in these Muslim countries.’

His words may be welcomed by the Prime Minister who has said taking in vast numbers of refugees is not the solution but that the UK must work at achieving peace in Syria.

The Government is expected to draw up fresh proposals for UK air strikes in Syria to put before Parliament in the coming weeks, but the Dalai Lama stressed the need to find a non-violent solution, saying: ‘After 9/11 I wrote a letter to President Bush where I expressed my condolences and told him the way to solve this problem was through non-violence. I know his motives were good but he used force and it created unexpected consequences.’

After his Oxford press conference the Dalai Lama laughed as he was swarmed around by dozens of schoolchildren eager to have their photo taken with him.

After official photos were taken, many children rushed up to take selfies with the spiritual leader.

His Holiness met with groups of youngsters from three Oxford schools in Rhodes House, sharing with them his messages of love and tolerance.

One young girl passed on gifts of honey, tea, a comic and even a football for the Dalai Lama’s monks.

He prompted peals of laughter when he said he loved honey so much he thought he might be reincarnated as a bee in his next life.

Children asked him questions about bullying and how you could get someone to truly see things through another’s eyes.

The Dalai Lama, who is celebrating his 80th birthday year this year, is due to go on to Cambridge where he and Lord Rowan Williams will lead a private two-day symposium, before then heading to the O2 in London to give a talk on compassion.

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