Le MTC loge un ”Judicial Review”


1. Le MTC a logé un Judicial Review en Cour Suprême ce matin, requérant la radiation de deux paragraphes du rapport de la Commission d’Enquête sur les courses à Maurice, qui sont reproduits ci-dessous :

• «Following the formal evidence-gathering sessions of the Inquiry, the Commission concluded, on the basis of the evidence and information received so far, that there was prima facie evidence that certain persons may have committed, and continued to commit, criminal offences against Section 146 of the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act and that there was maladministration, bordering on ‘institutional corruption’ within the Mauritius Turf Club that perpetuated an environment in which suspected criminal activity was allowed to flourish»

• «Maladministration was alleged in how the President, the Board of Administrators and supporters manipulated motions/proposals for change to ensure that the status quo and the President’s wishes were maintained. There were also allegations of vote rigging and abuse of the proxy vote system. The Commission was shown documents, which indicated strong suspicion of rigging proxy votes in at least one General Assembly motion last year. However, it was told that proxy votes are now verified by an independent assessor».

2. L’argumentation du MTC est basée sur le fait que la Commission d’Enquête a failli, entre autres, dans sa tache élémentaire de ‘natural justice’, dans la mesure où:

• elle n’a pas informé le MTC du contenu des allégations faites contre lui;

• elle n’a pas accordé le droit au MTC de contre interroger ses accusateurs; et

• elle n’a pas permis au MTC de réfuter les accusations faites contre lui.

3. Le MTC tient néanmoins à faire ressortir que, suite à la publication du rapport de la Commission d’Enquête, le Board des Administrateurs du MTC travaille sur certaines des recommandations à être appliquées, qui servent l’intérêt des courses hippiques à Maurice.

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