OPEN LETTER* | LOST LAMINATED ID CARD / 18 YEARS OLD : Find an orderly system to prevent stigmatization

* Open letter to the Prime Minister, Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth, 
to the Minister of TIC,
Hon. Etienne Sinatambou, 
to the Minister of Good Governance, 
Hon. Roshi Badhain, 
to the Registrar of Civil Status Division, 
Mr Mario Ayelou
to the Senior Systems Analyst of the Civil Status Division,
Mr Mohammud Mulung.


In the advent of the long term postponement of the deadline concerning compulsory applications for a biometric ID card, we urgently appeal to you to find an effective and orderly system which would ensure that anyone in need of an ID card, having lost his/her laminated ID card, or turning 18 years old does not get stigmatized.
The two above mentioned categories are presently being deprived of their fundamental democratic rights by being forced to have their fingerprints scanned and their biometric photograph taken for the issuing of an ID card which is asked from them if they wish to get access to fundamental administrative services within the jurisdiction of the state of Mauritius. 

We ask the government to create orderly options for them. 
We have addressed a similar plea to the actual government through an official letter since December 2014 and the problem is still exactly the same.
We bring to the attention of the government and authorities concerned, that if, for instance, the Mauritian passport is a sizeably considerable substitute option, it is strongly advisable that
(i) this gets officially announced through the official communication channels of the state, to avoid any confusion about the issue when anyone has to go through any administrative process, be it in the private or public sector 
(ii) since the situation actually is that someone should be in the possession of an ID card to be able to get his/her passport issued, we suggest that such a prerequisite be temporarily quashed and replaced by another, temporary, safe and fair attestation of identity (along with the birth certificate) to have a passport issued. Such an attestation would most probably imply the full collaboration of the civil status office.
We know that you fully understand the implications of the present situation.

It is very unfair and retrograde for a modern democracy to pressurize or victimize an innocent fraction of the population that deserves the right to the equal opportunity of not being coerced in having fingerprints scanned and biometric photographs taken, in concordance with deadlines which should be reasonably fair for all.
In other words, if the deadline keeps being postponed for rational reasons, please see to it that this reasoning applies to all citizens without any discrimination.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt implementation of remedial measures

Jeff Lingaya

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