The born again far right!

Payroll journalism

Contrary to the manipulated biased articles and blogs published by some payroll pseudo journalists who earn their money based on web traffic number, and the negative anti-Mauritius propaganda broadcasted on mushrooming online medias, mainly from the Diaspora, it’s very important that we pause and reflect on the conflicting political interests at stake and draw inspiration from the lessons of our history.

It’s no surprise that some self proclaimed ‘catalyseurs’ and Zoro’s are wasting no opportunity to appear on daily web ‘debates’ on various platforms from Australia, Belgium, UK, France and Canada, chasing crowdfunding for foreign sponsored anti-democratic agitation. These being the precise destinations some of our fellow countrymen elected to emigrate to in the late 60s and early 70s. They feared Independence would bring famine and economic chaos, they believed in their own propaganda that ‘bato langouti sorti l’Inde’ would impose some ‘hégémonie hindoue’; how they regretted their failed move for a ‘rétrocession to France’ in their 1921 Agenda and in later elections trying to prevent the universal suffrage!

Far right rhetoric

So, the far right rhetoric of ‘pe mette razoir dan lamin zako’ seems to be mingling very well with today’s claims that these ‘incompétents, amateurs’ in government, of any government, have done ‘nanyin pandan 52 ans’! Always nostalgic of the glamour and glory of the colonial years! ‘We need to get them out of government (BZD)’, thus echoing Ramgoolam, Duval and Berenger since the last elections, the results of which they have not been able to digest till today.

But the 1921 Agenda has been a constant work-in-progress all along the past century. The far right has never shown any hesitation to influence local politics; they campaigned openly against independence and had an anti-communist disguise during the 1976 elections and made sure the MMM did not get in government. So, they change their outlook to please the punters of the day, sometimes anti-hindu, sometimes anti-working class, sometimes a combination of the two. Their traditional parties being today somewhat aged and discredited, they are aiming at a renewal of personnel. The crisis brought about by the Covid19 pandemic and the accident of the Wakashio provided them with the ideal opportunity to resurface as they found the new social psychological conditions very appropriate for a populist campaign for street agitation.

Grass now greener

Today the grass is greener on this side ‘du brisant’. Today we are on the higher end of the economy scale, we have a better per capita income, we have better social infrastructures, we have a more resilient human resources, we have a more vibrant democracy, we are a hub for financial services and cyber technology.  Today we are on the verge of becoming a massive ocean state. Today we have become Covid safe and more attractive, so the expats want to come back. They want the border reopened, they want a voice in the affairs of the country, they want the right to vote. They want to come back with a big bang!

The grass has become greener due to the hard work of the government and its people, those who have decided they should stay and take the challenge. We are a better place because PM Jugnauth has taken the courageous and right decision on the following:

a) how the Covid19 is to be strategically and clinically handled and managed, to the point of even being recognised as such by other countries.

b) proper economic and fiscal policies and incentives to prevent a sanitary crisis turning into a humanitarian and social chaos by ‘met manzé dan labous dimounn mizer’!

c) succeeding its pledged strategy to transform the country into a massive chantier with the Metro, construction sites, NHDC, new hospitals, new bridges, and roads,

d) maintaining social policies that offer the right balance between a high-income economy and the niveau de vie of its citizens: pensions, minimum wage, social register, social housing, free health, and education from birth to death.

Vibrant democracy

That’s what makes Pravind Jugnauth the popular PM he is and gets him to win the 2014 general elections, chucking Ramgoolam out of government and out of parliament; he won the 2015 Municipal elections 120-0 (batter bef); he went on to win the 2019 general elections, getting Ramgoolam unelected again and out of parliament; he got control of 6 out of 7 District Councils during the recent 2020 village elections, so who is the competent politician in the eyes of the electorate?!

We have recently seen anti- democratic demonstrations in the USA and illegal occupation of government buildings by right wing thugs who could not accept the electoral defeat of Donald Trump, thus necessitating and justifying heavily armed police intervention.

Make no mistake, no matter how much they wrap up in the national quadricolore, these agitations we are seeing in the streets of Port Louis and near our courts, are as anti-national, anti-patriotic and anti-democratic as are the undue pressure the telecast ‘Avengers’ are putting on our democratic institutions like the police, the judiciary and the electoral bodies with the only purpose of destabilising a democratically elected government. And faithful to their 1921 Agenda, our born-again right wingers will stop at nothing to promote their ideology of division, anarchy and chaos. As is demonstrated in the USA these days, it’s the state’s duty to protect our democracy and the rule of law, whatever it takes!

Gwala Bansi       


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