White paper: Ramgoolam lance le débat

ESt-ce quece livre blanc ira jusqu’à devenir force de loi. Le White Paper de Navin Ramgoolam est vu comme un pas en avant pour certain et d’autres une demarche purement politique. Le Best Loser n’est pas aboli mais connaîtra une modification et pas question de faire un ” census” de la population après 42 ans de ce dernier exercise.
Vous pouvez consulter le document à ces liens:


Prime Minister Releases White Paper on Electoral Reform
25 March, 2014: The electoral reform consultation paper outlining Government’s stance on electoral reform as a first step towards constitutional reform was released by the Prime Minister yesterday at the Treasury Building in Port Louis.

Addressing the press, Dr Navin Ramgoolam said that the release of the White Paper is a historical event for the country since it is the first time after independence in 1968 that a Government is coming up with concrete propositions and options in view of modernising the Constitution and the electoral system. He recalled that 46 years after our Independence, our Constitution and electoral system need to evolve to adapt to the changes which have taken place since then. It is important to identify ourselves as Mauritians and to unify in our diversity and not to think in terms of community, he said.

According to the Prime Minister, Government is publishing the document after careful reflection and study over the last several months. Several reports and Commissions have looked into the electoral system of Mauritius since 2000 such as Sachs Commission, the 2002 Select Committee, Carcassonne report and Sithanen Report. The purpose of the consultation paper, he said, is to create and foster a better understanding of Government’s intention to build consensus and to provide opportunity for informed comments prior to the introduction of legislation to reform the electoral system.

The document, said Dr Ramgoolam, represents a window of opportunity to modernise the electoral system and to deepen democracy. He spoke in favour of a system that produces stable, responsive and fairly representative governments, adding that there is no need to re-open the whole debate on every issue which has been canvassed in the past but to instead focus on issues where there is no general agreement.

The Prime Minister said that no country in the world has the perfect electoral system while recalling the numerous criteria that need to be taken into consideration. He underlined the need to ensure that the modernisation of the electoral system continues to provide stable, responsive and fairly representative government in line with the evolution and aspirations of our nation. The report outlines there should be at least 30% of women in the National Assembly.

According to the report, the “First past the post” will remain as it is. There would still be 20 constituencies with three elected candidates per constituency. Geographical boundaries will also remain unchanged. However, the Prime Minister said that a 10% Proportional Representation (PR) is important.

In his concluding remarks, the Prime Minister appealed to the population to unify and modernise the country adding that the electoral reform concerns the whole population in Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega and St Brandon.

“We must at all times ensure that whatever system we agree upon echoes the aspirations of our citizens. Together, we have to chart out a system that unifies the nation and provides for stable, responsible, fairly responsive and representative governments for the betterment of the nation”, he said.

The consultation paper is published for public consultation and views/comments/suggestions and proposals are invited to be submitted by 5 May 2014 to promote the widest possible debate. Submissions can be made to the Electoral Reform Unit of the Prime Minister’s Unit or by email to electoralreform@mail.gov.mu. The document can be viewed on the following websites: gov.mu; pmo.gov.mu; and primeminister.gov.mu.

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