The deafening silence of Loga Virahsawmy G.O.S.K when it comes to Labour Party

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Dear Sir,
At Minority Voice, we are shocked and appalled by the disgusting comments of Mrs Loga Virahsawmy G.O.S.K, board member of Gender Links towards me and published by l’Express in its issue of 12th August 2016. Under the following caption “The place of a woman is in the kitchen. Really? Taking “flower pot” Sandhya Boygah to task in this article, the author states the latter should take house managers from the box instead of closing the lid on them.”

Being a Member of Parliament, we can understand that she does not pay heed to what this person says. However we feel that Mrs Loga’s comments and statements are factually incorrect. She has willingly, knowingly, deliberately and maliciously misconstrued the speech of the Private Parliamentary Secretary on the budget debate.

Therefore, we are publishing this right to reply on our website to correct the wrong perception that such article could have left.

Yours faithfully

From the office of
Minority Voice


At the very outset, We would like to make it clear, that neither Mrs Boygah, nor any woman who has supported l’Allians Lepep in 2014, has any lesson to take from Mrs Loga Virahsawmy G.O.S.K.

Her vile attacks and comments are just another futile exercise in nit-picking. For reasons best known to herself, Mrs Loga Virahsawmy, G.O.S.K hides behind the NGO Gender Links, to condone her political activities. She is no more than a stone agent of the Labour Party and a fervent admirer of Dr Navin Ramgoolam. She is free to do that but she must unveil her mask when it comes to her advocacy work.

All through her comments, Mrs Loga Virahsawmy use countless quotes apparently from Mrs Boygah’s speech over the budget. It pains us that l’Express has not deem it proper to cross check and verify on their authenticity. We have gone back to the speech which is in the public domain and nowhere could the quotations of Mrs Loga could be found.

This give you an idea of the motivation of Mrs Virahsawmy. Your readers may wish to note that this lady was conferred the national honour of G.O.S.K under the previous regime. Her views on women gender “sont à géométrie variable”. For reasons best known to herself, she never criticized elected members of the former regime.

For instance, never had she taken position, when Mrs Boygah and her kids, had to flee in sugarcane fields after being forced to leave the post of Chairperson of the then Nothern District Council. This came just hours after she became the first woman to be democratically elected to this office.

We have never heard Mrs Virahsawmy G.O.S.K voiced against the undignified treatment she suffered. She again choose to silence up when Mrs Boygah, her colleagues women candidates or Mrs Ameenah Gurrib Fakhim were unfairly attacked by the former Prime Minister in the course of campaign for the 2014 general elections. Yet she claims to champion the cause of women.

Destiny has it that none of the woman candidate on the other side,
LP-MMM, was elected to parliament. This surely should have left a bitter taste to the Gender Links Board Member.

Mrs Virahsawmy G.O.S.K, who definitely has “la mémoire courte” failed to take position when one Navinchandra Ramgoolam, then Prime Minister insulted a woman, namely, Miss Neeta Deerpalsingh in a public meeting on the 1st day of May 2010, i.e few days prior to the 2010 elections. Nor did she take any of the former regime women MPs to task to denounce the immorality reigning then with “maîtresse and ti-copines” known by one and all.

Being the first woman to comment the 2016/2017, Mrs Boygah have commented of all aspect concerning our gender as I always do.

Here is a short quote:

“On this auspicious occasion, I would avail myself of this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to the hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Development for having given so much of importance on women and children during his laudable exercise of preparing the 2016/2017 Budget.

Mr Deputy Speaker, Sir, when others were expressing their will to bring gender equality, but only on paper, the place that women occupy on this present budget, is crystal clear that we walk our talk. We mean business.

Mr Deputy Speaker, Sir, when probing deeper into the provisions for women and children in the present budget, I do feel extremely proud of myself being a woman, a housewife and a mother.

The hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Development has understood and wants to prove that women should be honoured in our society.

Mr Deputy Speaker, Sir, coming to the provisions and measures in this budget, it is a clear indication that the hon. Minister wants to prove to the nation that if we emancipate the woman, we are emancipating not an individual, but a nation.

For example –
• by decreasing the price of gas cylinder, it is for the woman to rejoice because she is the housewife; she runs the kitchen;

• by exempting duty on children wears, it is again the woman to rejoice because she is the mother;

• by exempting duty on kitchen utensils, it is once more the woman to be happy because she is the kitchen runner at home;

• by involving at least one woman on the Board of Directors in public companies listed on the Stock Exchange, by setting up a Parliamentary Woman Caucus, by allocating funds to five main Ministries to conduct gender analysis of services and by introducing a Gender Development Index for Mauritius to measure progress in gender equality, it is clear, Mr Deputy Speaker, Sir, that the present budget wants to prove that this Government wants to walk what it talks, wants to practise what it preaches as far as gender equality aspect is concerned.”

Things Mrs Loga Virahsawmy G.O.S.K deliberately failed to mention in her opinion. I cannot understand why this statement should infuriate her. To refresh Mrs Virahsawmy’s mind, could she tell us about her position on her political guru’s relationship with one Mrs Nandanee Soornack. Is this the role, her NGO is campaigning for the empowerment of women?

Come on dear Loga Virahsawmy G.O.S.K. Stop fooling people and come into the political arena where we shall be too glad to meet and challenge you. Your dirty game is over. Do not stay behind the NGO where nepotism is the rule of the day. After you, it’s Anuskha your daughter, so this is how women empowerment will be done.

As far as l’Express is concerned, by allowing the unfair comments of Mrs Virahsawmy G.O.S.K being published, you failed to observe the basic standard you have adhered to.

I could not find anywhere your motto : ‘‘sure, fiable et précis’’. Furthermore, please read your « code de déontologie »

« L’obligation de rigueur
Le journaliste a l’obligation de s’assurer que les faits qu’il rapporte sont :
i Exacts. Toute information doit être vérifiée auprès de plus d’une source.
ii Complets. Toute information doit être mise dans son contexte afin d’en faciliter la compréhension.
iii Equilibrés. Toute personne mise en cause doit avoir eu l’occasion de donner sa version. »

We shall let no one walk into my mind with their dirty feet. We leave it open to your readers to analyse whether the words and tone of Mrs Virahsawmy G.O.S.K are of any nature to encourage women to go into politics.

As far as we are concerned, we shall continue to defend women without fear nor favour. Other may go and feed dead political man walking. Let’s the population be their judge.

Minority Voice

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