L’opposition britannique exerce une pression sur Boris Johnson pour que l’archipel des Chagos retourne à Maurice…

  • Pravind Jugnauth : «  L’occupation du territoire mauricien par les anciens colons anglais « reminds us of our deep concerns as to historic wrongs in relation to race and slavery ».

L’affaire Chagos a connu un autre développement de taille. En effet, après la décision des Nations unies d’indiquer formellement à l’effet que l’archipel des Chagos comme faisant partie du territoire intégrale de la République de Mauritius et ce en éliminant sur la mappemonde politique la mention de British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT),   30 parlementaires de la chambre des Communes ont engagé une action concertée pour accentuer la pression en vue d’un retour de l’archipel à Maurice en se basant sur l’Advisory Opinion de la cour Internationale de Justice de la Haye et aussi de la résolution quasi unanime de l’Assemblée générale des Nations unies No. 73/295 à cet égard.  

Les parlementaires d’opposition qui ont écrit officiellement au Premier ministre britannique, Boris Johnson, afin de réclamer une décision urgente sur le dossier concernant les Chagos. « The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has very clearly instructed the UK to return the island chain to Mauritian control. The government’s refusal to do so is arrogant and jeopardises our credibility on a world stage”, estiment-ils.

Droits humains et lois internationales

Dans la correspondance officielle, le groupe de 30 à la Chambre des Communes souligne ceci : « The United Kingdom has a proud record of upholding human rights and the international rule of law. We are concerned that the government’s refusal to return sovereignty of the Chagos Islands risks undermining our country’s credibility in theses matters on the world stage”. Plus loin, la correspondance précise que: “If we are to realise the ambition of Global Britain then we must live up to our international obligations”. 

Les parlementaires de l’opposition expliquent aussi que : « By returning the Chagos Islands the UK has an opportunity to uphold our country’s reputation as a world leader in human rights, and to send a powerful message about our support for the rule of law globally”.

Tout en faisant allusion au mouvement international Black Lives Matter, le Premier ministre, Pravind Jugnauth, a, pour sa part, soutenu que le maintien de l’occupation de cette partie du territoire mauricien par les anciens colons anglais « reminds us of our deep concerns as to historic wrongs in relation to race and slavery ». Et d’ajouter que : «This continued occupation of the Chagos Archipelagos inscribed itself in these historic wrongs”.

De son côté, le gouvernement de Boris Johnson ne veut pas revoir sa position d’entêtement sur le dossier de l’archipel de Chagos.

Soulignons durant le week-end le Foreign and Commonwealth Office a émis un communiqué pour faire état de cette affaire.

Ci-dessous le communiqué.

UK government statement on Chagos

«The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern  Island acknowledges the considerable work of the Secretary-General and his office, during a very challenging period, in producing the report on the ‘Advisory opinion of the International Court’ of Justice on the legal consequences of the separation of the Chagos Archipelagos from Mauritius in 1965 published on 12 June 2020.

 “The United Kingdom voted against General Assembly resolution 73/295 and remains firmly of the view that the International Court of Justice and general Assembly are not the appropriate fora for resolving what is fundamentally a bilateral matter of disputed sovereignty between 2 UN members sates. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom was grateful for the opportunity to provide input to this report.

“The United Kingdom has no doubt about its sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago, which has been under continuous British sovereignty since 1814. Mauritius has never held sovereignty over the Archipelago, and we do not recognise its claim.  However. We have a long-standing commitment, first made in 1965, to cede sovereignty of the territory to Mauritius when it is no longer required for defence purposes. We stand by that commitment. The United Kingdom is also committed to doing more (on a voluntary basis) to address the aspirations of Chagossians including the desire for better lives and to maintain a connection to (British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). Despite our disagreement over the British Indian Ocean territory, the United Kingdom and Mauritius remain close friends and Commonwealth partners. We remain open to dialogue on all shared issues of mutual interest, as highlighted by the friendly and constructive discussion that took place between the UK’s Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister of Mauritius on 27 April”.

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