The HRD is immensely disappointed with the misinformation which has once again been spread to the Mauritian public by the press…

Prior to 31 December 2022, Horse Racing Organiser MTCSL applied to the HRD for it to issue a
“No Objection Letter” regarding the importation of horses. As the MTCSL was a licensed body
which is bound by the Rules of racing, the HRD duly issued this No Objection Letter.

However, subsequent to the issuance of this letter, the MTCSL were unable to renew their Horse
Racing Organiser’s License, which expired on 31 December 2022.

Accordingly, on 4 January 2023, the HRD sought legal advice regarding if this change in the
MTCSL’s status impacted whether or not the HRD could issue it with a No Objection Letter for
the importation of horses. As the matter is currently awaiting approval, the HRD elected to
withdraw its No Objection Letter pending the legal advice requested.

The HRD has no authority to withdraw the permit of a company to import horses but only has
the power in terms of the law, to approve the importation of horses.

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