Can you set goals with strategic difficulty?

When you read the question, you may become very perplexed though you most likely have the practice of setting goals.


Setting big goals can be motivating, but if they are too vague, it can be difficult to know what steps to take to achieve them.


And when these objectives aren’t met, we get frustrated and disappointed.


This is why many people fall into this pitfall…


Equating success or failure to a big and ambitious goal which is either too vague or too fixed.


Examples of unrealistic goals include wanting to lose 20 pounds in 3 months, master a new foreign language in a few months, or become an expert in a challenging field quickly.


The bar is sometimes set so high that it creates pressure rather than motivation, setting you up for failure before you’ve even begun.


When this happens, you open yourself up to procrastination and distractions, which will lead to you giving up on it.


So, how do you strike a balance between having a big ambitious goal and being grounded in realistic and practical achievements?


I am pleased to share with you a few practical tips which I cluster under the heading: Setting goals with strategic difficulty.


It’s a practical way to accomplish something difficult while remaining confident and positive throughout.


We do this by breaking a goal into two main parts:


First, your MISSION.


This is the direction and the north star – your guiding light.


To identify your MISSION, you need to know why you want what you want. A strong ‘why’ can help your goal last.


Second, your MILESTONES.


These are the stepping stones that will get you there.


You must determine what you must do and how you will do it.


These milestones should be bite-sized actions that can be checked off on your list to see tangible progress.


Each milestone should specify how much time will be required and the expected outcome.


A final word….


Life is known to be highly unpredictable, and our goals may need to change to reflect new circumstances.


So, don’t be afraid to revise your mission and milestones as needed.


And, rather than focusing solely on the outcome or result, focus on the process of achieving your goal. Enjoy the journey and celebrate small victories along the way!


Sometimes simply learning a hack or two is enough to change the way you reach your goals; other times, additional guidance and support will be needed.


If you are the latter, please know that you are not alone.


We’re all in it together!


The Periscope


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